Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashionable image of womens TUNIC tops

Fashionable TUNIC tops

women's top
shining tunic top

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Types of Basic Women's Top's

Types of Basic Women's Top's

This post will cover the basic tops for lets start...see images for reference..
 The types are as follows
 1.Tank top
             A casual t-shirt like a sleeveless  but with wider shoulder straps.Suitable for casual.


Knit Top
  Its a top made up of stretchable material and is of mostly loose fitting. 


Halter neck Top blouse

Women's Halter Top
             A halter neck top is a sleeveless shirt in which a strap goes around the back of the neck, leaving the upper back uncovered. sky blue colour halter neck tops.             
halter neck tunic top
halter neck tunic top

womens Spaghettitops

Women's Spaghetti top

A spaghetti-strapped is a top with strings or thin material on the shoulders to hold up the Women's top.Its mostly used as casual in summer.