Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kimono Top

   Women's Kimono Top

            They are inspired form the Chinese Kimono's-Chinese traditional dress.They are having wide Comfortable sleeves with a V-neck.Its comfortable n loose top.Available In chiffon n silk n also other fabrics.Can be easily wore in Office and also at Parties.A really versatile garment which can be teamed up with skinny jeans or leggings.

Tunic top blouse

Women's Tunic  top blouse

Drape neck new tunic top

Drape neck Tunic top basically means a knee length top.its a long top.widely used in India commonly known as 'Kurti'.But there are also tunic tops in some western style rather than the usual Indian Kurtis. as shown below. They are generally paired with black  legging.
womens tunic top
tunic blouse

Tie-neck blouse in women

Tops That Will Soften the Look of Your Suit Jacket

WOMEN'S Tie-Neck Blouse

Women's new tunic tie neck top photos and on line shopping A tailored suit jacket evokes a sharp, menswear feel, so it’s nice to compliment it with something uber-feminine. A lacy top or ruffle blouse translates into a sexy, confident look. Ann Taylor, Spiegel and Liz Claiborne are my personal faves for exceptionally beautiful, office-worthy options that can even moonlight with jeans.
tie neck womens top
tie neck blouse