Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tunic top blouse

Women's Tunic  top blouse

Drape neck new tunic top

Drape neck Tunic top basically means a knee length top.its a long top.widely used in India commonly known as 'Kurti'.But there are also tunic tops in some western style rather than the usual Indian Kurtis. as shown below. They are generally paired with black  legging.
womens tunic top
tunic blouse

Grey colour women's tunic top

  Grey colour women's tunic top with short sleeve and rounded neck designs. 

tunic womens top
tunic top

cotton top

light yellow colour tunic top with half sleeve and lace tunic women's top.
women top
cotton  top

Full sleeve top

Full sleeve,squire neck women's top and jeans.  
long sleeve blouse
full sleeve top

ladies top
purple colour tunic top

white top
long sleeve white tunic top

purple colour top
tunic top

   Drape Neck 
                Also known as 'Cowl Neck'.It is having drapes in front.To describe in Indianstyle ,it appears like 'Odhni' in front.

pink colour womens top
drape neck tunic top

black colour top
drape neck top

blue tunic top
high neck blouse

pink colour top
drape neck top

round neck tunic top
brown colour top

pink colour top
drape neck top

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